Service list:
Truck delivery from anywhere in Europe
and the CIS;
Loading and unloading services, cargo securing;

Cargo escort by pilot or police cars;
Organization of transportation of hazardous
and liquid cargo;
Delivery of oversized and heavyweight cargo;
Armed cargo escort;
Working-out of optimal traffic routes;
Cargo insurance.
Carried out road transportation:
In July, 2013 an LR 1300 crane was transported by road from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

Weight of the cargo party of equipment: 2,500 tons.

Heavyweight and oversized places:
1) Caterpillars - 72 tons each;
2) Tower part - 48 tons.

The following services were provided:
- Organization of loading, unloading and forwarding in the port of St. Petersburg;
- Supply of the necessary railway wagons for transportation in a short time;
- Trucking from the port of St. Petersburg to the Moscow Oblast;
- Monitoring of the cargo movement throughout the entire route.

After customs clearance all cargo was delivered by 119 vehicles within 8 days.
From June, 2019 to January, 2020 Logberg-Trans LTD company provided a range of services for the transportation of equipment from the city of St. Petersburg to the city of Shirin (the Republic of Uzbekistan). Delivery should be performed according to "Incoterms" DDP delivery terms.

For the transportation of equipment, the following machinery was used:
- 5 railway platforms;
- 6 railway wagons;
- 1 railway carrier;
- 4 low-bed trailers;
- 16 tilt semi-trailer.

In addition, the complex of measures for the delivery of cargo included the following services:
- Customs escort of the entire consignment of goods in the Republic of Uzbekistan, including obtaining of all necessary permits and certificates, 100% inspection of the entire cargo party, payment of fees for customs clearance, release of goods in circulation in the Republic of Uzbekistan (Import 40);
- Obtaining of all necessary permits for the transportation of oversized and heavyweight cargo, payment of taxes for road damage along the entire route;
- Payment for railway tariff for the entire route;
- Overloading on cars and delivery from the railway Bekabad station to the final consignee at the Farhad Hydro Electrical Station.

The biggest part in that delivery was the body of the TDTN-40000/110-U1 transformer, weighing 78.5 tons with overall dimensions 634 x 280 x 442 cm.

To lift the body of transformer from the railway carrier and reload it on the low-bed heavyweight trailer in the Republic of Uzbekistan we hired crane with a load capacity of 200 tons. Additionally, separate railway path was allocated for placing the transporter with convenient overloading onto the trawl.

Preparation of transportation of oversized and heavyweight cargo throughout the entire route included:
- Disconnection and recovery of communication networks, power lines;
- Shutdown, dismantling and installation of gas supply pipes;
- Police escort vehicle for the State Automobile Inspection of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
All services:
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