Basic services:
Working-out of optimal cargo delivery schemes (selection of the type of railway wagons, routes);

Mobile team for loading / unloading goods on the Russian Railways network and the CIS countries;
Railway tariff on payment on the territory
of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries;
Monitoring of the movement of cargo along
the entire railway route;
Specify of railway code of Shipper / Consignee (there is a TGNL code) throughout the Russian Railways network;

Transportation of goods by rail and water communication using ferries (Vanino / Kholmsk, Ust-Luga / Baltiysk,
Kavkaz / Varna);
Readdressing of wagons on the route and at the destination station;
Transportation of universal containers, incl. as part of express container trains;
Working-out and approval of schemes for loading and securing cargo on railway wagons;

Organization of cargo escort by military guards, incl. providing of equipped wagons for accompanying persons.
Provision of universal wagons (open wagons, covered wagons, platforms and transporters) and specialized railway wagons (fitting platforms 40/60/80 feet for transportation of equipment and machinery, conveyors, etc.) for transportation in domestic and export-import routes;
Transportation of oversized and heavyweight cargo:
Working-out and approval of a separate traffic schedule for the transportation of oversized cargo through the Russian Railways network and the CIS countries;
Field technical examination of specialized railway wagons;

Confirmation of drawings in the Commission of Russian Railways Administration;
Escort team to articulated and coupled carrier (lifting capacity 300t, 400t, 500t);
Manufacturing of specialized requisite for securing cargo on railway wagons, carriers;

Inspection and preparation of railway tracks for receiving oversized and heavyweight cargo;
Dismantling / installation of obstacles on Russian Railways infrastructure facilities for the passage of oversized cargo through the Russian Railways network and the CIS countries;
Preparation of places (sites) for loading / unloading oversized and heavyweight cargo;

Organization of train pick-up on the route of oversized cargo along the Russian Railways network and the CIS countries;
Provision of specialized rigging equipment for loading / unloading oversized and heavyweight cargo.
Agreement of "windows" for crossing railway tracks;
The most interesting railway transportation:
In August 2020, Logberg-Trans LTD company, as a part of delivery of cargo party of the Kudan Kulam NPP project, delivered the stator to the Sea Port of St. Petersburg.

Before transportation it was needed to dismantle infrastructure of Russian Railways. The transportation was carried out on a 28-axle articulated carrier with a carrying capacity of 400 tons, with a separate locomotive. Train was moving according to a specially prepared and approved by Russian Railway schedule.

Cargo weight: 378 tons
Oversized degree: Н8830

The following service was provided:
- Logberg-Trans LTD - shipper at the departure station;
- Ordering a carrier according to the form DU-18;
- Registration of a transportation order according to the GU-12 form;
- Providing secure cover wagons and control frame;
- Drawing approval;
- Receipt of permitting telegrams from the Central Dispatcher Office of Russian Railways and the Sea Port of St. Petersburg;
- Receipt of approval of Commission of Russian Railways for loaded articulated carrier with Heavyweight cargo;
- Formalize railway waybill VU-27u-VC;
- Payment for railway tariff and the return of the articulated carrier to the Liski depot.
In October-November 2013, Logberg-Trans LTD was a forwarder of automotive (grubber, lifting-transport equipment) arriving at the port of St. Petersburg from Hamburg. After consolidation cargo were transported by rail.

Machinery departed from Krasnoe Selo station Octyabrskaya railway to the woodworking enterprises of the East Siberian railway.

The following service was provided:
- Forwarding in the port of St. Petersburg;
- Road delivery to the railway. station "Vitebskaya tovarnaya", Octyabrskaya railway;
- Preparation and approval of drawings;
- Accumulation of railroad wagons;
- Technological support of works during loading and securing of cargo on railway wagons;
- Loading operations at the station;
- Fastening material and work on securing cargo on the railway wagons;
- Anti-vandal protection;
- Delivery to the railway;
- Monitoring of the movement of cargo on the railway.
The Belarusian NPP (BelAES) is the first nuclear power plant of the AES-2006 type. Located 18 kilometers from the town of Ostrovets. The construction of the station began in 2011. The first unit was launched in August 2020.

In 2017, the Logberg-Trans company provided a range of services for the delivery of power equipment from St. Petersburg to the Belorussian NPP.

The largest products:

1) Stator:
Overall specifications: 11.34 m * 4.28 m * 4.82 m
Oversized degree: Н8880
Gross weight: 434 tons

The transportation was carried out by a 32-axle articulated carrier with a lifting capacity of 500 tons with additional wagons for cover, 2 control frames. Train was moved by a separate locomotive.

The shipment followed the agreed schedule. During the movement of the train, more than 50 trains with cargo were removed from it's regular schedule to let that special train pass. The infrastructure of the Oktyabrskaya and Belarusian railways was partly dismantled and installed back for safe passage of the train.

2) Rotor:
Overall characteristics: 17.17 m * 2.13 m * 2 m
Gross weight: 114 tons
The transportation was carried out by an 8-axle carrier wagon.

The following service was provided:
- Ordering carriers according to the form DU-18;
- Approval of drawings;
- Provision of 23 units of different type of wagons for the delivery of cargo;
- Receipt of permitting telegrams from the Central Dispatcher Office of JSC "Russian Railways" and GO "Belarusian Railways";
- Monitoring of cargo movement;
- Acceptance and lending of wagons on the station Bobrovniki (Belarusian Railways);
- Payment of station dues;
- Delivery / remove of wagons;
- Mobilization / demobilization of the hydraulic portal system (Type GHS-1100, lifting capacity 1,100 tons) for unloading equipment on railway roads;
- Logberg-Trans LTD - consignee at station Bobrovniki (Belarusian Railways);
- Delivery of equipment to the engine room;
- Payment for railway tariff for loaded wagons and return of empty wagons back.
All services:
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