Project cargo transportation is a unique, limited in time and money, multi-stage transportation of non-standard cargo:
large and / or heavy goods, large cargo parties. As a rule, it includes several types of transport, preparation of individual logistic schemes, project documentation and work of a wide range of specialists.
Service list:
Working-out of optimal cargo delivery schemes, if necessary, using various types of transport and the Door-Door delivery;
Preparation of transport and project documents;
Organization of supply of special equipment of various carrying capacity for the implementation of loading and unloading operations;
Organization of customs clearance of goods, including under complex customs regimes (temporary import, processing regime, classification decision);
Railway and road transportation of oversized and heavy cargo;
Chartering of ships;
Construction of artificial structures (berths, railway tracks, strengthening of bridges, etc.);
Development of special devices required for transportation, fastening, reloading and storage of cargo;
Insurance and survey services;
Insurance and survey services.
Carried out project cargo transportation:
Complex of services for multimodal transportation of equipment for the oil refining industry.

Cargo: Unit for isomerization of pentane-hexane fraction

The largest product: Column - 67 meters long, 6 meters in diameter, gross weight - 186 tons.

The cargo party (including the Column - 67 meters long) was delivered by road from factories in Spain to the port of Bilbao for loading onto a sea-river vessel.

The equipment was delivered to the port of Astrakhan by water transport, from where it was delivered to the consignee by road.
In July 2013, a range of services was provided for multimodal transportation of power equipment for TPP "Polyarnaya" along the route: Port Venlo - Port Antwerp - Port St. Petersburg - DAP Salekhard, turbine hall of TPP "Polyarnaya"

Cargo: Gas Turbine Generator Set

Total weight of the transported equipment: 877.5 tons.

The following services were provided:
- River freight Venlo - Antwerp;
- Loading and unloading operations in the port of Antwerp;
- Sea freight Antwerp port - St. Petersburg port;
- Unloading from a sea vessel in the port of St. Petersburg;
- Storage for 2 months in the port of St. Petersburg;
- Preparation and approval of schemes for stowage and securing of cargo on the barge vehicles used to transport cargo to the port of Salekhard;
- Loading on a barge in the port of St. Petersburg;
- River and sea delivery St. Petersburg - Salekhard, including approval and obtaining permission for passage through the Northern Sea Route;
- Development and manufacture of special reinforcements;
- Construction of a berth in Salekhard for unloading from RO-RO barges;
- Organization of loading and unloading operations at the berth in Salekhard;
- Check of the road delivery route to Salekhard;
- Obtaining permits for transportation in Salekhard;
- Auto delivery from the unloading berth to the site in the turbine hall of the "Polyarnaya" TPP;
- Unloading at TPP "Polyarnaya";
- Survey of the cargo.
City of Norilsk is located beyond the Arctic Circle. It is a major center of non-ferrous metallurgy. Only 4 months a year, the air temperature in the region has a "+" sign, in winter it drops below -30o C. The heating season in the region lasts 1.5 times longer than in Moscow.

The Norilsk CHPP (Combined Heat and Power Plant) provides electricity and heat to residential areas, industrial facilities, and mining and metallurgical enterprises of the Krasnoyarsk Krai.

In the summer of 2019, Logberg-Trans LTD carried out the transportation of equipment from Taganrog to the port of Dudinka with further delivery to the Norilsk CHPP.

Gross weight of the cargo party: 212 tons
Lot size: 2 850 cubic meters
Number of packages: 234 pcs.
Number of large-sized pieces: 65 (more than 1/4 of the entire lot)

This project included the following services:
- Insurance of the transported cargo;
- Delivery of equipment to the port of Taganrog by road;
- Storage of cargo in the port while waiting for the vessel;
- Loading and securing cargo on the ship;
- Freight to the port of Dudinka by a sea-river vessel;
- Unloading at the port of Dudinka;
- Delivery to Norilsk CHPP by road;
- Unloading of cargo at the Norilsk CHPP;
- Allocation of cargo for storage in accordance with GOST 15150-69.
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